Preparing for the inspection will simplify the process and eliminate delays, questions and additional costs.

Per the Real estate contract the seller is required to provide all utilities for an inspection All the utilities (water, electricity and gas) must be on 12-24 hours prior to the inspection.

Refrigerator, water heater and air conditioning must be turned on at this time also to be able to properly evaluate these items. For example all refrigerator manufacturers require 12-24 hours of run time before taking a temperature evaluation. Problems with the air conditioning may take several hours of run time to show up.

Homes that are vacant must be physically checked in reference to the above items by the Real-Estate agent 24 hours prior to the inspection. The inspection fee is for 1 trip to the property. An additional trip fee of $100.00 will be charged to return to the property to evaluate items not on initially and in doubt.

Make available to the inspector at the time of inspection a copy of the "Sellers Disclosure"

Request that the homeowner remove any "Child proof Locks" from windows and cabinets. Stored items, furniture and clothing should be moved to provide access to the electrical panel and attic hatch. The Inspector does not move the inhabitants furniture, stored items or personal possessions.

Contact the local building department ASAP and request a permit search on the property. Issues such as illegal additions, open permits and other un-permitted work can be discovered prior to closing. Upon purchasing the property these problems become yours.

Taking all these steps prior to the inspection will ensure you get the most thorough inspection possible and save time and aggravation for all involved.