Prices will vary for different properties depending on size, age and additional amenities some homes possess such as swimming pools, seawalls or detached buildings.

Larger homes require more time and therefore cost more. Older homes generally will take longer due to more issues requiring comments. Homes built prior to the mid 60's usually have wood floors with a crawl space under the house that requires inspection of key structural elements.

  • A single family home inspection starts at $300.00. Additional fees for;
  • Termite inspection: $75-$150.00
  • Pool inspection: $40-$75.00
  • Crawl space inspection: $75.00
  • Seawall inspection: $300.00
  • Septic inspection; $175.00. Septic inspection with pump out: $350-$400.00
  • Well water analysis sent to EPA registered lab: $100.00, FHA compliant $175.00


Condominiums, Town homes and Villas where the exterior and roof is maintained and paid for by the Homeowners association start at $200.00. Duplexes, Triplexes and Quadraplexes please call for a price.

Roof and termite inspection: $225-250.00 up to 3000 square feet. McCabe Home Inspections has multiple State Licenses so your lender will accept it.

Insurance Survey (4 point): $125.00.  $25 Discount in conjunction with a Home inspection.

Windstorm Mitigation Surveys requested by your Insurance Co for premium discounts: $125.00. $25.00 discount in conjunction with a home inspection.

If you are only interested in single system or an abbreviated inspection as opposed to a full home inspection please contact us for pricing.